BroLab Performance @ Site Fest 2011 - Sat March 5th, 7-9pm

BroLab will be performing Autopsyoutdoors at 250 Moore Street (between Bogart and White) as  part of Habeas Corpus curated by Jeanne Brasile and Jade Lien, Curatorial Assistant – Charles Estes with Performances by Brolab and Greg Leshé.  Video screenings by Amanda Dandeneau and Bryan Wilson, Jones and Roa, Greg Leshé and Nyugen Smith.

“Habeas Corpus” combines live performances with video screenings in an open-air environment.  The event begins with a performance from Brolab, to be followed by video screenings that document performance art or explore the potential of the body as an artistic medium.  The evening concludes with a performance by Greg Leshé.  Habeas Corpus, is a curatorial remedy to free artists from the confines of the space of the gallery.  It also promotes the immediacy and unlimited potential that only the body, the most innate medium of all, can provide.