Piazza Gratissima Unveiling

Piazza Gratissima Unveiling

Piazza Gratissima Unveiling

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BroLab would like to Invite you to the unveiling of Piazza Gratissima at the Mott Haven Public Library. The unveiling event takes place this Saturday June 30th from 12 to 4 PM and will include performances, street vendors, and informational tables from local Bronx organizations. Having succesfully raised funds last year to revitalize the unused courtyard at the Mott Haven Library in the Bronx, BroLab, in partnership with BRAC, hired local Bronx residents and began construction of the project. Piazza Gratissima's design was informed by a series of community meetings and takes the form of an angular deck with gardening components and benches, serving as a multi-use space for the library and community.

Thank you to all those who donated to our kickstarter campaign to make this project possible.

Special thanks to Bronx River Arts Center, The New York Public Library, Friends of Brook Park, Build it Green NYC 's BIG!Blooms Program, and Stephen Ritz & The Green Bronx Machine

The Mott Haven Public Library: 321 East 140th Street (at Alexander Avenue)

6 Train to 3rd Ave / 138th Street

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The New York Public Library
Bronx River Arts Center
Build it Green NYC!
Stephen Ritz, The Green Bronx Machine
Friends of Brook Park