Dead Lift

Jan 4 - Feb 8 2014 – New York, NY

Solo Exhibition at Freight + Volume, NYC.

This exhibition highlights new works and projects BroLab completed between 2010 and 2013, including installations, videos and photographs.

Dead Lift refers to a situation that requires all one's strength or ingenuity, the lifting of weight without momentum. BroLab starts a project by questioning how a space can be activated. What will create a conversation, what will solve a problem, what will be useful? They say, “Our projects come from a combination of opportunity and risk.” As a collective they work intuitively, allowing each member to utilize their individual talents to connect art through design, interventions, and conversations. It takes all of their combined efforts to be BroLab. The bodybuilding term term “dead lift” itself is both macho and ironic at the same time, and through their own name, BroLab uses humor and playfulness to convey their message as a collective.

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