Fountain Dew

June 2015 - Bushwick, NY

plywood, 2x4's, misters, colored vinyl, and hardware

Dewy was a temporary public sculpture installed as part of "Home Improvement", an outdoor exhibition curated by Debora Brown and Lesley Heller along 30 Rock street during the Bushwick Open Studios. A two-day, site-specific outdoor sculpture show organized around the theme of “home.” 18 Brooklyn artists exhibit signature works on an industrial street owned by Boar’s Head, steps from the Morgan Avenue stop on the L train in the heart of the Bushwick art community. Featured artists include: BroLab, Ian Cochran, Jaynie Crimmins, Kate Starbuck Elliot, Juan Fontanive, Xiao Fu, Derek Haffar, Corina Kennedy, Heidi Lau, Karen Margolis, Shane Morrissey, Megan Pahmier, Ben Pranger, Steve Rossi, Montgomery Perry Smith, Julie Tremblay, Ward Yoshimoto. The exhibition was on view for 30 continuous hours from 10 am on June 6 through 6 pm on June 7. The work was displayed on a 40′ X 400′ street accessed from both Morgan Avenue and Bogart Street. The show featured interactive pieces and performances.