Peer Review

May 2011 – New York, NY

plywood and 2×4 wood object, the Hotel on Rivington, a telescope, cameras, and a live internet feed

Peer Review took place during the New Museum's Ideas City Festival. The project existed simultaneously in Sara Roosevelt Park and The Hotel on Rivington, locations linked through a direct line of sight. In Sara Roosevelt Park a minimal wooden object was placed for the public to negotiate. The members of BroLab were stationed four blocks away on the 14th floor of the hotel where cameras and a telescope were positioned to provide surveillance of the object from afar. Volunteers handed out flyers beside the object inviting members of the public to see the artwork from the hotel room and engage in a discussion with BroLab on the nature of public art. A live feed of the conversation in the hotel room was played near the object in the park so that both spaces were aware of one another.