Quarter Horse

June 2013 - Bronx, NY

marine plywood, spray-paint, formica, iPads, digital media and hardware
A lobby installation at The Bronx Museum of the Arts

For its inaugural installation BRONX LAB commissioned a site-specific environment by the artist collective BroLab. A hybrid of design and sculptural work, Quarter Horse features a set of modular tables and media stations that can be arranged in multiple configurations. Each unit is a combination of minimal sculptural forms, all edged with a range of bright surface colors. Developed to complement a variety of BRONX LAB events and programming, Quarter Horse is a platform for cultural education and social engagement.

Conceived as a test site for contemporary culture, BRONX LAB encourages active participation and dialogue about topics of importance to the Bronx community. A collaborative effort of curators and educators, BRONX LAB is structured to promote digital learning and the dissemination of new media work.

The BRONX LAB interactive hub is made possible by a generous grant from Deutsche Bank.